FREE! Corvus Transporter stuff

Joe R. rigdonj at
Tue Mar 7 13:46:15 CST 2006

   While cleaning up I found a Tektronix box with four smaller boxs in it
that contain Corvus Transporter cards. There are FIVE cards with manuals
(no SW). Four of the cards are about half length cards and have the
mounting bracket on them. The other is about 3/4 length and doesn't have a
bracket. All are 8 bit cards and all are Corvus Transporter boards. They
appear to be new and unused and in the original boxs. Anybody want them for
the price of shipping (and maybe some beer money :-)?   I didn't see any SW
but it may be stuck inside of one of the manuals. They all have a three pin
male plugs on the back edge of the card. It looks like these came from the
Charlotte hamfest in '94, that's all I know about them.


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