FREE! Corvus Transporter stuff

Joe R. rigdonj at
Wed Mar 8 13:30:22 CST 2006

  I'm no expert on the stuff but from what I've seen Corvus was an OLD time
manufacturer of external hard drives and a primitive networks. I think they
called the network Omninet. Send me some money and I'll send you the box of
stuff and YOU can figure it out! :-)

  AFIK they (Corvus) never made computers. 

At 10:00 AM 3/8/06 -0700, you wrote:
>What's the Corvus? 

   FWIW  Corvus is Latin for Crow's Beak. It's also the name of the iron
hook that was commonly used on ladders used for scaling walls and boarding
ships. The hook was used to keep the defenders from throwing the ladders
off and was made of iron so that it was fire proof.


 Is it a tektronix mini/micro?
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