archival cd-r - really true?

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Wed Mar 8 14:58:00 CST 2006

> I hate to revive this, but I've never seen this info posted before.
> Can anyone who really knows (i.e. data, not opinion) comment on the
> quotes below?  These are from a (more or less) private email list.
>  "The best technology was developed by Mitsui and is now manufactured by
>  MAM-A, referred to as "Archival Gold".  It uses a gold / gold

I've been wondering about these as well.  The perfect person to comment on
this might be Tim Shoppa, I believe he did a lot of research into this a few
years ago.  Of course he might have a large enough stash of the original
Kodak Gold CD-R's that he's not looked into recent blanks.

I've sworn by Verbatium DataLifePlus blanks for nearly 10 years, but am a
little nervous about the current ones after the last two on a spindle
woudln't burn for me (one that was even older burned just fine).


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