C Compilers for (MS)DOS

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 10 08:12:55 CST 2006

Jules Richardson wrote:
> What's the state of play regarding DOS C compilers? I might have a need 
> to do some DOS-based C development work - are there any good-but-free 
> DOS compilers about?

Forgot to say thanks to everyone for their thoughts - I think Turbo C's 
probably the way to go then, and from memory it'll do nice stuff like inline 
assembler too...

(I want to try to put a serial console onto Dave Dunfield's Imagedisk code so 
I can control it from a remote box and not need a screen/keyboard on the 
Imagedisk machine. Ideally Ethernet and telnet would be the way to go, but I 
think asking something like that of my brain is too much to expect :-)



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