old 8088 system course++

ericmac at swissinfo.org ericmac at swissinfo.org
Sun Mar 12 14:35:15 CST 2006

Thanks to all who responded, I've got the information I need to continue.


"I think it was about 15-20 years ago there was, I believe, a self-study
course put out by some company for learning the hardware (and I think some
aspects of software, i.e., DOS) of computing at that time. The course came
with an 8088 computer that, if I recall correctly, one built and "learned
by doing." I'm pretty sure it was not a Heathkit. I have searched everywhere
and have not come up with anything. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any
information would be helpful. I'm trying to track one of these courses/computers
down.  Thanks!"

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