Apple Turnover (Was: Writing Apple ][ disk images...)

Hans Franke Hans.Franke at
Tue Mar 14 07:45:11 CST 2006

Am 10 Mar 2006 17:24 meinte Fred Cisin:

> On Fri, 10 Mar 2006, Hans Franke wrote:
> > As for hardware, there have been some solutions. First
> > to my memory is always the Turnover board, which I found
> > a good (some particulat list member might have a different
> > opinion:) solution back when I had a PC/XT and an Apple II.

> IFF you find a working one (high failure rate), and IF you find
> a drive that it works OK with (I used TM100-2), then the Turnover
> is OK.  File system support is Apple-DOS, Apple CP/M, Apple Pascal,
> Pro-DOs.
> (BTW, it was "Apple Turnover" until Apple's lawyers visited Vertex.)

Jup, we had this discusion at one time. I's just that I
got that board as part of a test for a computer magazin
back tehn, plugged in my PC compatible taiwan box (well,
one of the very first 1000% rip off, and even not much
cheaper than the IBM), and it worked right away. I wrote
a quite enthusiastic review ... so maybe blame me for some
sales over here in Germany/Austria :))

> > Just, the Turnover is a strict PX or PC/XT board. I never
> > got it working in an AT (or above) machine.
> I did, but not reliably.


> > Oh, and don't forget the Trackstar Board(s), basicly an
> > Apple II or IIe on a PC-Card, a huge IC-Graveyard. It can
> and the QuadLink from Quadram (> 70% DOA)

Never heared of. You got any further information?

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