manually installing MSDOS...

Patrick Finnegan pat at
Tue Mar 14 14:46:49 CST 2006

On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 11:04:06PM +0000, Jules Richardson wrote:
> Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
> >Jules Richardson wrote:
> > > (All I actually want to do is put Slackware Linux on the machine there
> >>in place of Debian, but the CDROM drive's too flakey to boot from. If 
> >>I can get MSDOS on there by copying from a remote machine then I can 
> >>boot the Slackware installer from MSDOS and then install the rest of 
> >>Slackware across the network - talk about complicated!!)
> Unfortunately not. CDROM, floppy (which I don't have) or hard disk only...

Depending on what you really need, you might want to check out freedos, 
which has bootable cd images available to install from.


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