manually installing MSDOS...

Jim Leonard trixter at
Wed Mar 15 17:20:44 CST 2006

Fred Cisin wrote:
> If you strip out the parts that you don't need, (such as DONKEY.BAS?), you
> can put the most needed items on one disk.

Hell, you can get most of the good stuff on a 360K disk if you try hard 
enough.  One of my favorite tricks is to use ARK (K. Heidenstrom), which 
is a .COM archiver and execution stub, to stick all the .COM files I 
need into a single .EXE, then compress the .EXE with pklite or lzexe or 
similar.,, and all go in there, as do a 
4KB editor and other utils.

COMMAND.COM is the only .com that can *not* go in there for obvious reasons.
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