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Chris M chrism3667 at
Wed Mar 15 23:04:13 CST 2006 a lead on a Z100. Any images you can provide
would be greatly apprecited. I have other
pseudo-compatible images (Tandy 2000, NEC APC III,
etc.) if youre interested.
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<acme_ent at> wrote:
> woodelf wrote:
> > Well I did get one for a song as Z-100 seems to
ring a bell,about 10 years
> >  ago but I had to toss it since  it came with no
DOS with it. It was a 
> > nice machine, but with no Internet to get a OS
booted for it was useless.
> Ben, that's a shame :-(((  When I got mine from Joe
Rigdon a
> few years back it had all of the OS disks except for
> which Don Maslin (MHRIP) was kind enough to provide.
> I partitioned the hard drive into thirds, and set it
up for
> dual-boot (ZDOS and CP/M-86).
> Unfortunately, the version of CP/M-85 Don sent me
does not
> support a hard drive.  I've never taken the time to
patch it
> for hard drive support, since I really like CP/M-86.
 If I
> ever do, I'll install it on the third partition.
> I made Teledisk images for all three of the Z-100
> disks, so if anyone out there needs 'em I'll be glad
to share.
> Glen
> 0/0

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