IBM Mainframe guy in Chile is selling of his entire stock (or offering it)

jim stephens jwstephens at
Thu Mar 16 17:44:36 CST 2006

The sad thing is that he had a 360/40 (2040) cpu which he now says is in 
bad shape that is for
sale.  $25,000 gets you a 40' container of really nice stuff though. 

i had asked him if he had a full mainframe at one time and he said he 
did not.  now, if it is
what remains after his ebay auctions, there won't be much left, sad to say.

But a 360 would probably be a steal at 25K, unless someone knows where 
one is for

Maybe dkdk will swoop in and buy the parts he does not already have of 
the 360, and
it will end up complete somewhere.  Hope he is acquiring for a museum 
somewhere, or his
pile comes to view in public, it must be quite nice by now.



specific auction:

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