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Jim Leonard trixter at
Thu Mar 16 17:49:13 CST 2006

Jim Leonard wrote:
> Chuck Guzis wrote:
>> Now, there's an interesting challenge--can one get Windows (probably 3.x)
>> to fit on a single floppy such that generic GUI functionality (640x480
>> video, PS/2 mouse, etc.) is preserved?
> Of course, but you'd be "cheating" -- one way I can think of is to 
> format the diskette with doublespace/drivespace and store everything in 
> the compressed volume.  DOS boots up, mounts the compressed volume, et 
> voila you have about 3MB+ to play with.

...just thought of another way to "cheat": format the larger tracks with 
more sectors per track to gain more space, and patch the boot code 
and/or BIOS to compensate.  I never booted from such disks, but I have 
definitely screwed around with capacity successfully (for example, 
formatting a 360K disk to 410K, or a 1.4MB disk to 1.8MB, etc.).
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