a few micro-A references

Stan Sieler sieler at allegro.com
Fri Mar 17 17:08:25 CST 2006

> The Unisys SCAMP package conhttp://freepatentsonline.com/5113500.html
> appears to be a patent for it.

Part of the summary of that 1989 (filing date) patent could have been
directly lifted from the description of the internals of
the HP 150:
   The first operating system is organized to act as the I/O
   and peripheral subsystem for the second computer system so that 
   peripheral connectivity, operational and maintenance interfaces can
   function with a PC keyboard, screen and peripheral devices.

The HP 150 shipped with the "first operating system" being "magic",
which ran two tasks: I/O and MS-DOS :)

What government institution is dedicated to the proposition
that history never repeats?  The Patent Office :(

Stan Sieler
sieler at allegro.com

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