PDP-8/L teletype interface

vrs vrs at msn.com
Sat Mar 18 09:34:19 CST 2006

> I see. I will look again. The baud rate clock coming from the M452 has a
> 50% duty cycle so I looked for more (much faster) similar signals. Bad
> I got a much bigger problem now though: When I tried the programs again
> I realized that running progams doen't work any more at all!
> I can single step fine but whenever I press "run" the front panel locks
> up and nothing more happens.

Taking a guess, that sounds like a problem with the timing chain.  (The
panel manual timing generator may be working, but not the regular timing
chain?)  I'd look at the delay lines that make up the chain, and see that
they are working.

Hope that helps!


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