FA: DEC RF-71 Disk Drive

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Sat Mar 18 18:59:26 CST 2006

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From: vrs <vrs at msn.com>
Date: Saturday, March 18, 2006 12:03 pm
Subject: Re: FA: DEC RF-71 Disk Drive

> > Speaking of the two on ebay, that seller has (what seems to me 
> to be)
> > very high prices on their items.  I've had their stuff on a 
> watch list
> > for months and it never sells.  Does anyone buy stuff from them?
> > Their descriptions are nothing more than part numbers, they rarely
> > have photos and the prices seem high.  (They also seem 
> determined to
> > give me the impression that other people sell similar parts that are
> > not "genuine parts".)  Has anyone ever purchased anything from them?
> Not me.  Another example of why I wish eBay would let buyers 
> filter out
> certain sellers :-).  These guys have become a significant 
> fraction of
> my "false positives" when I search eBay.
> I don't know if their business plan is working for them, or not.  
> I imagine
> a lot of similar stock sits around in "call for price" stores for 
> months at
> a time.  I assume this is one of those, who is trying out online 
> sales.(If I have to call them, I don't consider it an online sale.)
>    Vince

Ebay does let you exclude sellers:

Ebay main page> Advanced Search> Advanced search

(which is the 'Find Item' page),  and then you can exclude or include up to 10 sellers


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