Sun drive array

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Mon Mar 20 19:42:04 CST 2006

Tom Peters wrote:
>>> Edward wrote:
>>> Yes, but is it LVD to the tray or HVD?
>>> E.g. I have found that the D1000 is *H*VD -- so my *L*VD
>>> controllers won't talk to it.  :-(
>> It's HVD I'm afraid.
>>>> Each array can be used as a JBOD if you like.
>>> Ah, thanks.
> Let's see, a box of old, small capacity drives, reliability unknown... why

The two boxes currently have seven 9G drives, each.  I have a box
of 18G drives that can replace these -- *IF* I can talk to the

> would you NOT make a RAID out of it?

Because I don't have the controller that they attach to!  :>
So, they are, at best, JBOD's.  What I *do* with those
(e.g., software RAID) is a different issue.

> Why put data on them if you're not
> all that concerned about it going away when one of those old drives goes
> tango uniform (toes up) ? With that many independent drives, couldn't you
> make a really big RAID-5 out of it?

The data I want to store on them is already backed up on
MO, CD-R and DLT media.  Getting the data onto a drive array
is just one of convenience.  And, while 15x18G drives waste
more electricity, BTUs and *space* than a single 300G *IDE*
drive, couldn't you argue that damn near ANY of the machines
discussed on this list could be more "efficiently" replaced
by something newer, smaller, faster, etc.?  :>


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