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> > Hey Guys,
> > 
> > This afternoon I'm cleaning up a Sony GDM-1602
monitor.  I have the case 
> > disassembled, and have washed all but the largest
pieces.  The base is a 
> > very nice rotating and tilting design.  The
rotation taken place because 
> > the plastic tilting assembly rides on a flat sheet
metal base.  The 
> > contact area is a circular plastic ridge that was
lubed with an 
> > clear-ish amber grease.
> > 
> > What kind of grease should I use to re-lube this? 
I want to provide 
> > adequate lubrication between the plastic and
steel, but I don't want 
> > something that will hurt the plastic.  I was
thinking about using 
> many years ago I got a tube of something that
claimed to be 'Electrolube 
> Special Plastic Greast' (Electrolube being a
well-known brand of cleaning 
> solvents, etc over here). It seems to be safe on all
plastics I've tried 
> it on so far, and it should have suitable
lubriacting properties for this 
> sort of thing (it's not exactly a high-speed
> Where you get it from is another matter, but surely
plastic-safe greases 
> still exist.
> -tony

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