Where have all the Selectrics gone?

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Tue Mar 21 16:04:10 CST 2006

Richard wrote:
> In article <442034EB.8000400 at DakotaCom.Net>,
>     Don Y <dgy at dakotacom.net>  writes:
>> I have an IBM I/O in storage (along with service manual, spare parts,
>> etc.).  <grin>
> What's an "IBM I/O"?

Sorry:  "IBM Selectric I/O"

IIRC, the documentation refered to them as "MT/ST I/O"

>> Allegedly, 134.5 baud was the maximum rate the *mechanism* could
>> run at (?)
> Yes, this sounds right based on fuzzy memory.  I do remember that when
> it was printing full tilt it looked like it couldn't go any faster
> :-).

I forget the actual number of moving parts in a selectric but
the number is impressive for such a small device that was
routinely beaten on by secretaries, etc.  Apparently they all
came out of a single plant (in KY?)

>> EPSCO used to make an "Edityper" (a "word processor" built around
>> a modified selectric -- but it was the *smaller* selectric and
>> I don't think IBM did the modifications -- and a PPT for
>> "storage").  I had one until the typewriter service man
>> I brought it to for a tune up decided tht all that "extra stuff"
>> in there was getting in the way -- and he systematically removed
>> *all* of it!!  <sob>
> Err.. that's not a repair/tune up -- that's a mangling.  I hope you
> forced him to put it all back the way it was when you brought it in?

He was a friend of the family -- quite pleased with himself
for all the "free labor" he had given me.  :-(  Kinda hard
to flame when the guy thinks he did you a favor (and you
had't explicitly told him NOT to tinker with that stuff)

Live and learn...

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