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Roy J. Tellason rtellason at blazenet.net
Tue Mar 21 17:59:39 CST 2006

Is there any interest in old literature?  I went into a file cabinet last 
night looking for something else and ran across a bit.  If it is of interest, 
I'll do some digging and see what all else I have that may be of interest, 
but here's one example:

In a folder labeled "Digital Equipment Corporation" :-)

A brochure labeled "PDP-11     Microcomputer Members of the PDP-11 Family"

A smallish brochure "Introducing Fierce Competition for 8-Bit SBC's" with the 
inside saying"Digital's new 16-bit FALCON" and an actual-size picture of the 

A spec sheet "Falcon SBC=11/21 Single Board Computer"

MRV11 Option Bulletin: "EPROM/PROM/ROM Module"

PB11 Option Bulletin: "Universal PROM Programmer"

Brochure: "Microcomputer Products Selection Guide" including a very nice table 
"Backplane Selector"

Brochure: "Announcing a new dimension in microcomputers: LSI-11/2"

Anybody want this stuff?  Shall I keep digging?

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ablest -- form of life in this section of space,  a critter that can
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