Powerstation 370

Doc Shipley doc at mdrconsult.com
Tue Mar 21 23:52:41 CST 2006

Sridhar Ayengar wrote:
> David Barnes wrote:
>> Hello all;
>> I have been offered an RS/6000 Powerstation 370.    Not sure of whats 
>> in it yet... can anyone shed some light on this system?  Is it a 
>> decent machine for running latest AIX versions?
> Pretty nice machine.  62.5MHz POWER, if I'm not quite mistaken.  Won't 
> run the latest version of AIX, but will run 5.1.

   Well, the 7012-370 will *walk* v5.1.  Verry verry slowly.

   BTW, I bought a pallet of 7043-140 boxes last week at $8/ea for the 
graphics adapers (GXT120P) and the PCNET32 10/100 cards.  I'm sure the 
scrapper thought he was ripping me off by burying a much older system at 
the bottom.

   It's a 7012-397 w/512MB RAM, 2 4.5GB drives, CDROM and 8505 8mm tape 
drive, GXT800M and a 10/100 ethernet adapter.  And with the deskside "foot".

   I wasn't too upset about the ripoff.  :)

   And, if anybody has a 43P-140 and needs RAM, I have a  crapload of 
64MB DIMMs.  As far as I know, *only* the 7043-140 will run them.

   AIX v5.1 was the last version to support any non-CHRP platform.  The 
7043-150 (43P-150), F50, and B50 are the oldest systems that'll run v5.2 
or v5.2.


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