ImageDisk / PC FDCs & single-density

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Wed Mar 22 18:57:30 CST 2006

> From: Dave Dunfield [mailto:dave06a at]
> Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2006 2:54 PM

> > This may or may not help, but I have used a 1542c with 
> > imagedisk to create mixed density floppies. Others have 
> > then used these to successfully create new images.
> >  
> Interesting - I have a 1542 which does not work with 
> ImageDisk or TeleDisk/TESTSD
> at single-density - the user reporting the problems also has 
> a 1542 which does not
> work with any of the three programs ... Mine is a '1542CF' - 
> I assumed the 'F' ment
> "with floppy" ... Is this the same as yours?

Sorry, my confusion. I have used an Adaptec '1542B' (no F) bios copyright is
1988 (checksum BB00) with mcode copyright 1990 (checksum F3F7). I have read
and written mixed density images using the floppy portion of this
controller. This is a 16-bit ISA SCSI controller with a big 50 pin
centronics type connector on the bracket.

> > I have at least 3 controllers that will work at SD with 
> imagedisk. I have
> > tried ID in single density with about 15 different floppy 
> controllers, and
> > have one more to test. Is there a FAQ about what 
> controllers will write SD
> > images? If not, I'd gladly maintain a list.
> I've found 6-7 that work OK - and I've been adding them to 
> the documentaion.
> Feedback on what other controllers do and don't work would be 
> appreciated,
> however as noted here - some controllers seem to work for 
> some people and
> not others (more likely, there are "minor" version variations 
> in the controller).

Here is what has worked for me:
Adaptec 1542B (as primary and secondary) BIOS: BB00 MCODE: F3F7

LCS-6625 REV:A2 copyright 1992 - This is a german made 4 floppy controller
that autmatically works under 6.22 to give you 4 floppy drives. Tthe second
two use the "standard" secondary floppy port and come up as E and F for me.
C & D are hard drives and G is the CD-ROM drive in this machine. Works the
same under Linux. I also have a scan of the manual that the maufacturer was
kind enough to send along (just last year).

ACER MIO-400KF - works as primary only. The jumper settings for this are
available in TheRef99.

> So far - every controller I've tried that passes Chuck's 
> "testsd" program
> also works for me with ImageDisk at single-density - the case 
> I have been
> discussing is the only one I am aware of where this has not 
> been the case.
I have one more to test. Are the above notes enough for you to go on? Do you
want me to try "testsd" on any of them?


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