ImageDisk / PC FDCs & single-density

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Wed Mar 22 14:20:46 CST 2006

Rumor has it that Dave Dunfield may have mentioned these words:

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> > This may or may not help, but I have used a 1542c with imagedisk to create
> > mixed density floppies. Others have then used these to successfully create
> > new images.
>Interesting - I have a 1542 which does not work with ImageDisk or 
>at single-density - the user reporting the problems also has a 1542 which 
>does not
>work with any of the three programs ... Mine is a '1542CF' - I assumed the 
>'F' ment
>"with floppy" ... Is this the same as yours?

You assumed wrong, my friend. ;-) The 2 in 1542 means "with floppy" - I 
wonder if the F means "Fast" as in Fast SCSI - 10M/sec instead of the 
standard 5M/sec bus speed.

Every Adaptec controller I'd seen up to the 29xx series used the last digit 
for floppy controller - 2 for floppy, 0 without, I don't know if there were 
others... For some reason, I thought there was a '4' ending as well, but I 
don't know what that could've stood for.

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