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Scott Quinn compoobah at
Thu Mar 23 22:58:25 CST 2006

Today I met up with a gentleman from Kirkland, WA (Ian Greenhoe, who knows at least one of the moderators on this list) who needed to
pare down his collection due to domestic pressure. 

HE STILL HAS some stuff, complete HP/Apollo 9000/700 systems with monitors/keyboards if anyone is interested - give me an e-mail and I can pass it on

Anyway, I got a bunch of Sun stuff, including a Sun 3/60 with mono monitor, keyboard, etc. just needs a monitor cable - contact me if you're interested I can't keep it.

One of the machines happened to be a ComputerVision CADDstation (Sun 3/160 [looks like], with several customish looking cards and fancy graphics). I think this came up
recently, so when I know a bit more I can post it.

The BIG good news is a box of disttapes (~60, haven't been through them yet but it includes ComputerVision stuff, SunOS 3.2 & some Sun unbundled stuff) 
and 2 boxes of docs. I'm trying to figure out best way to get them scanned, need to inventory them, etc.  I only have 2 boxes now, but will have the third.

Anyway, I need homes for (1) almost complete Sun 3/60 with monitor and keyboard, nice condition but one of the VME ejectors is broken.
(1) Siilicon Graphics Indy R5000SC/150 XL-8
If anyone wants the HP 9000/700s I can forward an E-mail
things that might be of interest, but might not:
1 PeeCee AT- class full tower case

all in the Seatle area

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