the Canon Cat meow

Dwight Elvey dwight.elvey at
Fri Mar 24 12:43:36 CST 2006

>From: "Chris M" <chrism3667 at>
>I just obtained a rather beautiful specimen (specimen
>- an Italian astronaut LOL LOL). So I hearby announce
>my desire to network with other owners of the same.
>And does anyone know if an 8088 add-on was ever
>offered?? It seems like the most natural thing to me.

Hi Chris
 I have one of these. I've been exploring my machine.
As far as I know, they never did a 8088 version. The
68K is really a nice machine though.
 Jeff Rasken's site has pdf's on the user manual's.
There are also several pages describing how to get to the
Forth underneath. There are all kinds of things you can
do with the Forth, including writing your own special
functions. You can even evaluate Forth expressions
in your text. A handy place to put your source.
 One of the sites describes using " see " to decompile
Forth words. So far, I've not found such a word in
my machine. If you find it in yours, I'd really like
to know. You could do a " see see " for me.
 The Forth is a tokenized Forth. The most common words
are 1 byte tokens. There are a number of words called
trier1, trier2 ... that are used to extend to 16 bit
 There is a way to find the token of any particular
forth word. As an example, " ' find . " will display
the token for the word find. If you do " ' find +table @ . "
you'll get the pfa/cfa of the word find.
 I'm almost ready to write my own word see but I'm stuck
at one point. I've found the dictionary and there is
a 16 bit value attached to each entry. I suspect that
this somehow is used to locate the token. I've not
yet found out how this works.
 I've started a little by hand decompiling the word find.
The word find must know how to use this value to get
to the token. Words like ' use the word find inside.
 It is slow but not to bad. I used the word words in
my text to dump the dictionary names and then wrote
a keyboard macro to take each word and do a " ' SomeWord . ".
It also cleans up the extra ' and .
 I use the word dump to look at the cfa/pfa and get the
token there. I then search for that token in my text.
I can only work on this during the weekend so I'd just
started before I needed to go to sleep.
 My main reason for doing this is that I'd like to write
a different printer driver to use my HP 3si. I don't
have any Canon printers that it normally uses.
 I'd also like to here from other Canon Cat owners.

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