Mac SE, SE/30, etc.

Marvin Johnston marvin at
Fri Mar 24 12:44:23 CST 2006

A friend of mine passed away last month and he had a lot of Mac stuff in
his garage. His widow asked me to take a look at it, and I didn't see
anything worth much money. There are probably about two dozen machines;
SE, SE/30, Classic?, Plus?, SI, LC, etc. and maybe a 512K along with a
number of monitors. She doesn't want to throw them away, but does want
them gone. If anyone is interested in these machines, let me know and
I'll pass along the information. There were also some Imagewriters, and
other stuff that I haven't had the time to check out yet.

BTW, he did have a MAC 128K that I have now, but it was stuck in a
non-128K case.

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