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WD -- I know you're already on our local list -- but for everyone else: if
you live in the mid-atlantic / northeast and you're not familiar with MARCH,
then check us out at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/midatlanticretro/ ... I
need to update our FAQ buy basically we're a vintage-focused user group.
We're hosting VCF East and we're setting up a computer museum.  Lots of fun!

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> John A.
> *orbiting the outer ring of NYC

I think this may have been kicked around before, but would there be interest
in a once-a-month beer and pizza dinner geekfest for those of us in the NY
and CT area, and even northern NJ? Nothing really all that organized, mind
you - we just pick a day and a place, and whoever shows up shows up.

William Donzelli
aw288 at osfn.org

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