NY/CT collectors

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Sun Mar 26 09:12:03 CST 2006

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> > I'm in Poughkeepsie, NY, myself, and, like you, 
> > Hartford is a lot closer than InfoAge for me too.
> Wimps!  A once-a-year VCF trip might 
> be enough to convince you, however.
> In Silicon Valley, a neat day out might be to go to the Flea Market,
> or a supplier store.  I know of nothing like that anywhere here 
> Still, I'm very flexible, I'd go to Poughkeepsie 
> at least once to see you and William.
> John A.

Poughkeepsie would be good for me too. There's always the Hamfest in Augusta
NJ in July. Last year they had a few Octanes and some Apple IIs. I work the
vendor gate and get to see a lot of stuff before it goes on sale....


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