11/45 RTC

Julian Wolfe fireflyst at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 28 10:50:35 CST 2006


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> Julian wrote...
> > Have you tried this with M7800 and M787 instead of M7228? 
> I'd say if 
> > not, try that, if yes, and if that works, then look over the DL11-W 
> > manual for some sort of compatibility issue with the 11/45. 
>  This is 
> > just speculation, but it's possible that you may have to use a M787 
> > and disable the RTC on the DL11-W or something strange like that.
> I don't have a M787 card. This system arrived with two 
> M7800's and a M7228. 
> No KW11-L. It came with the M7228 (KW11-P). From what I can 
> tell, the M7228 can provide several different time clocks, 
> one of which is LTC based as an option if you run an 
> additional wire, but not at the normal address for the LTC.
> I want to see first if the power supply is generating a LTC L 
> signal, and then see where it goes. Right now I'm trying to 
> just find the signal. It would obviously go to slot 1C 
> somewhere for the M787. But I can't seem to figure out if it 
> was by default also provided to a pin in the 3 unibus slots 
> built in to the system unit in order for the DL11-W to take 
> advantage of.

How about this: Dig in the KW11-P manual if its available and see if there
is any info on replacing a KW11-L with it.  Maybe that will tell you where
that LTC L signal is.

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