11/45 RTC

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue Mar 28 14:10:29 CST 2006

> I want to see first if the power supply is generating a LTC L signal, and 

Do you have a 'scope or logic probe? It should be easy enough to see if 
the signal is there or not.

> then see where it goes. Right now I'm trying to just find the signal. It 
> would obviously go to slot 1C somewhere for the M787. But I can't seem to 
> figure out if it was by default also provided to a pin in the 3 unibus slots 
> built in to the system unit in order for the DL11-W to take advantage of.

Now that I don't know, and the prints don't include a wire-wrap list for 
the backplane. But no real problem. accroding to the prints, that LTC L 
signal goes to 1CR1 (that is, pin R1 of connector C on the frontmost 
slot). See if you can find it there (if not, trace back through the power 
harness, etc). If it is there, see if it's on the appropriate pin on the 
SPC slots (I would have to look that one up). If it's not there, maybe 
add a wire-wrap jumper.


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