booting rt11 v5.1 on an 11/45

Jay West jwest at
Tue Mar 28 15:07:59 CST 2006

Tony wrote....
> You are using DL11-W cards, right? That is, ones with a built-in line
> time clock. Do you have a line time clock module -- a KW11-L single-height
> board -- in slot C of the very front slot of the processor backplane.
Yup, I'm using a DL11-W. No, I do not have a KW11-L in 1C. God only knows if 
this system ever had one there, but I don't have one in any case. Maybe it 
never had one, or maybe it did and fell out years before I got the system. 
No clue.

> If  you do, you must disable (with the DIP switches) the LTC on the DL11-W
> card.
I don't :)

> If you don't then there's a wire-wrapped jumper documented
> _somewhere_ in the printset that has to be in place to complete the grant
> chain over the slot where the KW11-L goes.
AHA! Now THAT is information I'd like to know about. It sounds like if you 
don't have an M787 and want to use the clock on the DW11-W, you need a 
jumper to complete the grant chain over 1C. Sounds like I need that info! 
Anyone know what the magic jumper is from/to?


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