IBM PC BIOS error codes (was: who built the first 8086/88 based puter?)

Tue Mar 28 18:14:46 CST 2006

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> Right memory, wrong  model.  I dropped a bit.  It was the 8570 (Model 70)
> and it  was ECA 021.  Nasty memory problem resulting in a 110 error.   IBM
> would replace the mobo only if you complained loudly  enough.

Speaking of inscrutable error codes from IBM BIOS, in the  big
equipment purge of 2006 at work I obtained a number of IBM PC  model
350 and 365s.  In my various disassembling and re-assembling of  pieces
amongst these systems to make a smaller number of maximally  configured
systems I occasionally get an inscrutable error code form the  BIOS.

Does anyone know if there are manuals for these models  online?  I
tried searching IBM's web site, but immediately got lost in  the
large amount of irrelevant results.
What errors? I am familiar with those models. Fairly standard PC, nothing  
unusual about them. You're looking for the HHM for these computers, but their  
website has changed a lot since I worked there. DId you try (  ?  You  might also want to look around 
at too. 

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