toxic obsessive-compulsive disorder ....

Marvin Johnston marvin at
Wed Mar 29 11:07:50 CST 2006

I remember flying all over the US with my toolkit. Then once at LAX, United said
no and I had to check my toolkit. The toolkit was broken when I arrived at the
next stop and my luggage was sent to the wrong city.

After I got back, I raised hell at the United office, and never flew with them
again until many many years after I had left that job. Still makes me irritated
when I think about it including the nonsense with TSA. I *REALLY* dislike stupid

> From: "Bob Bradlee" <Bob at BRADLEE.ORG>

> Any else remember we could carry our toolcase containing many implements of destruction and toxic sprays on an airplane
> and only had to show a business card at security,
> It helped to have a 465 scope on a the luggage cart with it when you pulled up to the early Xray systems at security.
> Scope went under the seat and the toolbox went in the over head bin.
> Those were the good old days :)
> Bob Bradlee

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