Tektronix catalogs? Have 1982, 1985 want > 1985

Joe R. rigdonj at cfl.rr.com
Thu Mar 30 17:24:40 CST 2006

At 11:12 PM 3/29/06 -0700, Richard wrote:
 However, now I'm venturing out into territory that
>isn't so well documented in the regular places, so I'm on the lookout
>for any documentation related to the Tektronix terminals and/or
>development systems.

  If you can tell me SPECIFICLY what you're looking for I may be able to
find it. I have a friend that has a MASSIVE collection of Tektronix
catalogs and manuals.  BTW we just recently went through his warehouse and
rounded up all the Tektronix development stuff that we could find. We ended
up with 2 plus pallets of them. I'd say 12 to 14 systems.  FWIW there's a
guy (in the UK IIRC) that has a website of terminal manuals. I send him my
Tektronix terminal manual and he's supposed to have scanned it and added it
to his website.


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