Holger Veit holger.veit at ais.fraunhofer.de
Fri Mar 31 13:30:54 CST 2006

>>>/Now, I remember these paperbooks were not too thick (I once 
/>>>/had Emmerichs Tiny Assembler and MONDEB from that class - 
/>>>/unfortunately got lost - TinyAsm at least can be copied from 
/>>>/old 1977 Byte issues), so I'am not sure whether it will wear 
/>>>/out more than by simply reading the book. Unless you have a 
/>>>/multi-page scanner where you'd have to destroy the spine.
>Hey I want them for general reading. How many people still
>have old Bytes in the local libraries? I liked the tiny assembler
>because if I remember right you had structured code to save on
>program lables.

the library of our research institute has copies from at least 1/1977 completely
in the shelves (they say 1/76 but looking there, the first ones were missing).
At least the three articles of the TinyAsm are there, and I could make scans of
them on demand. You can find an index of Byte at 
http://www.devili.iki.fi/library/publication/10.en.html so if you have specific
articles (limited!) you're interested in I could pdf them. I won't scan everything
due to lack of time, and I won't make them publicly due to copyright concerns, but
we could talk about few articles.

Yes, the tiny assmebler was rather structured, a nice example how to write good 
assembler code. Unfortunately, the Byte articles only has a hex dump - the paperbyte
book had a commented disassembly, but I lost that eventually :-(


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