1983 Micro prices (was Re: The Origins of DOS)

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 1 11:54:15 CST 2006

Chris M wrote:
> a little off-thread, but were there any peecees made
> in the UK that didn't use proprietary logic (asics and
> such)? 

I had one from Ferranti like that. It was a real oddball - huge case, two 
power supplies (+5V from one, other voltages from the other), and two main 
PCBs (one housing the backplane and a bunch of logic, the other for the CPU 
and built-in ports). It had at least memory, serial, keyboard and parallel 
built in - and I'm fairly sure it had MDA graphics and a FDC too. I believe it 
had something like 4 8-bit ISA slots, plus a much larger custom slot for 
unknown usage.

Unfortunately I never had original software for it and never got it to boot 
with any of the versions of either IBM or MS DOS that I tried. In terms of IBM 
compatibility, I'm leaning toward 'not very'.

Sadly it went to landfill about 5 years ago (although I did try to get rid of 
it on here first!). On a brighter note I've since stumbled across an identical 
machine at Bletchley though - although I've not yet seen any software or 
manuals for that one either!



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