1983 Micro prices (was Re: The Origins of DOS)

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On 1/11/06 22:25, "Chris M" <chrism3667 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> a little off-thread, but were there any peecees made
> in the UK that didn't use proprietary logic (asics and
> such)? 

I suppose it depends on your definition of 'pc'. Pretty much everything
designed before say 1982 was free of custom logic AFAIK, this includes (not
a complete list by any stretch) the Acorn System x and Atom, Compukit UK101,
Tangerine Microtan65, Sinclair ZX80, Grundy Newbrain (an exception) etc. All
'personal computers'.

If you mean 'IBM Compatible PC' then the only one that springs immediately
to mind is the Ferranti made Advance 86.....time to do some digging!

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