DEC Unibus 4-SLU (ACT 10015000)

Christian Corti cc at
Thu Nov 2 09:12:17 CST 2006

On Thu, 2 Nov 2006, Jay West wrote:
> I posted about this board before and one or more people said they had one. 
> Now I'm curious if anyone has documentation for it :)

I didn't notice the first posting. I have an ACT Model 10028, also called 
QuadrAsync/E. I guess that your card is an ACT 10015. Have a look at, your card must be a QuadrAsync/B or 
My card is a hex board with four fingers and a gap for a Unibus jumper at 
location AB.

> This is a 3rd party quad height unibus board and appears to be a 4 port SLU. 
> The manufacturer is ACT, and the only part numbers I can find on the board 
> are 10015000, 10015001, and 10015002.

ACT is Able Computer Technology, Inc.

> There are 4 rotary dials (my guess is baud rate), and one 10 position switch 
> bank (priority & address?). I'm curious what all the dip switch settings are, 
> can it start at the normal console address and thus replace an M7856, does it 
> have an LTC capability, etc. Pinouts for the port (berg) connectors would be 
> good.

The pinout of the Berg connectors are the same as for the DL11-E cards:

Berg	3M	Signal
TT	3	+5Vdc
V	23	RTS
J	33	RxD
F	35	TxD
FF	14	Secondary TxD
X	22	Ring Ind.
BB	18	Carrier Detect
T	26	CTS
JJ	12	Secondary RxD

The rotary dials select the baud rates for each of the four channels. The 
positions are:
1	9600
2	4800
3	2400
4	1200
5	 600
6	 300
7	 150
8	  75

I'm afraid I can't help with the DIP switch settings because my card has 
four switches, one for the address, one for the vector and two for options 
(parity, word length and stop bits). My card doesn't have a LTC.


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