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Jay West jwest at
Thu Nov 2 10:37:59 CST 2006

Richard wrote....
> The problem with this is that everything goes through one person.
> Often times individuals on here get too busy to do anything in a
> timely fashion, myself included.
> I have no problem with "you have to be approved before you can do
> anything" type system, but having everything go through one person
> isn't really workable.

Ok, perhaps you can clarify something for me then. Submissions to the 
knowledge base are (unfortunately) few and far between. So how is waiting 
for the approval of a post to the knowledge base a problem when there is not 
a flood of posts to it?

More to the point, remember that the knowledge base is NOT meant to be a 
discussion forum. For that, moderating every post would be a major pain. But 
it is NOT meant to be a discussion forum. It's meant to be a repository for 
specific answers and information that come up frequently.


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