New monitors on old machines

Chris M chrism3667 at
Thu Nov 2 14:47:23 CST 2006

--- "Richard A. Cini" <rcini at> wrote:

> I had an old Multi-Sync 2 monitor which had a 9-pin
> (DE9) for TTL and a 9-15
> pin adapter dongle. I remember using it on an old
> IBM and a Compaq with a
> VGA card. I know I don't have the monitor but I'll
> have to look in my
> "stock" for the adapter and see what's in it.

 Yes, all the early ones had 9-pin jacks more then
likely, cuz VGA wasn't out yet or just came out
(remember all the late EGA cards that kept bumping up
the res, and features in general?). I do believe my
NEC MII came with a VGA adapter though. I wounded up
ripping it apart for some reason (project?). Damned
things cost about 11 bucks. Some time later, I bought
an astoundingly cheap VGA card at Computer Factory's
sale in Middletown, NY. About $20. I think the maker
was NSI...
 Anyway, I do have one weirdo of a Sony monitor that
although has a 9 pin jack, only syncs to VGA analog?
Sony's first multisyncer (which is what I thought this
thing was when I bought it at Goodwill or somewhere)
was an improvement over NEC's in at least one respect
- it supported 600 lines of resolution, where the NEC
only was 'sposed to go to 560.
> You are right, though. The T2K sync frequencies are
> very low...26.4k I
> think, but I'd have to check my notes.
 Yeah, that sound about right on.

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