New monitors on old machines

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Sun Nov 5 01:22:17 CST 2006

> [Let's] face it many people look at some of the things I collect
> (vintage video capture gear) and tell me I can get a USB dongle to
> capture from my VCR for $50 with software included.

Heh.  Someone tried to tell me that, I'd ask them where I could get a
USB-capable machine with a Windows - or whatever OS the software
they're talking about demands - license for under $50.  (I've got
exactly one machine with USB hardware, and there ain't no way any
closed-source software - OS or USB dongle interface - is going anywhere
near it.)

Well, except I don't do video capture, but, mutatis mutandis....

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