11/44 is alive, as is the 11/34!

Tom Uban uban at ubanproductions.com
Sun Nov 5 20:09:54 CST 2006

That is great news Jay! FWIW, the 11/44 can run BSD 2.9 (or possibly
2.10, were there any later revs?)...


Jay West wrote:
> The 11/44 has come to life. It passed all the diags I threw at it, plus
> booted RT11. I did that on an RL02 and would like to switch that system
> to an RA81. Once the RA81 is in place, that system is done. But at least
> the cpu is known working.
> In case I didn't mention it here, the 11/34 is also alive. Turns out the
> "odd" diagnostic results I was seeing are actually what a working system
> prints. The /34 booted RT11 as well and ran a few small compiles. All I
> have to do now is move the cpu from the table on the side of the rack
> and mount it inside the rack. Then that box is done as well.
> Once those above cosmetic issues are done, I'll take a short break and
> then revisit the 11/45 project which was temporarily shelved :D I'd love
> to spend more time now with the /44 and /34 to get TSX up and running,
> play with sysgening a new system, etc. But no time to play yet, I'm
> under orders to consolidate and get rid of stuff.
> Thanks to all who gave input, advice, and knowledge!
> Jay West

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