RA81 destruction

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Mon Nov 6 12:01:17 CST 2006

Jules wrote...
> I suppose the 'right' thing to do would be to at least run the diags
Yup, I was planning on running diags and piecing together as many working 
units as I could. However, given the previous testing done on them I 
strongly suspect many have bad HDA's, and as such would be better as parts 
donors to a drive that has a working HDA. My impression is that donor HDA's 
are not generally available, and thus few people ran these drives, and thus 
few people would want any parts.

> But... time is not infinite and all that,
Exactly. I'm under a time crunch and need to stop talking about it and get 
some gear out of here. Best way I can see to do that is put together the 
systems I want from all the parts, keep a spare set, then dispose of the 
remaining bits (here, ebay, trash, etc.). I'd love to stop and play with the 
systems as they come up, but time currently doesn't allow. In other words, 
if the wife sees me putting together systems and the trash pile growing - 
good. If she sees me sitting there running one... ;)

> (I'm facing the same problem with some of my stuff - masses of untested 
> parts, potentially the chance of building up a few working systems which 
> then would be useful to people, but no time to actually do it. I suppose 
> it's one of those things that plagues a lot of us...)
Which is why I posted here about it. One - to let people know of my 
predicament and see if MAYBE someone wants to take a few off my hands and/or 
help with testing. Two - to get advice from others who have them already as 
to what parts are most in need and should be saved for my own (and perhaps 
others) use as spares.


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