Pascal in production environments (was Re: lisadraw)

Brad Parker brad at
Tue Nov 7 11:15:42 CST 2006

Marvin Johnston wrote:
>> At that company, I learned several times over why Pascal is not my
>> favorite language.
>> -ethan
>Okay, not ever having learned or used Pascal, what are (were?) some of the
>limitations of Pascal for production environments?

We shipped production systems using Pascal (Oregon) on an 11/23 with
TSX.  It worked fine.  Multiuser database (of sorts) and all.

We could go on and on about Pascal but there's little point (IMHO).  It
didn't lend itself to system programming as much as other languages.
The compiler we used generated ok code but lacked the ability to link in
external modules and libraries.  This was a major shortcoming.

But I'm not sure I'd elevate C much higher, except to say the BSD C
changed my life and made it easy to crank out production code on cheaper
machines which ran almost as well, though not quite as reliable.  (I
quickly learned that 8" floppy media would self destruct in a 85F room).


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