Ray Arachelian ray at
Tue Nov 7 20:28:21 CST 2006

Chris M wrote:
>  Ok, but let's be specific. Who has spent >$200 for a
> piece of equipment, software, hardware, paraphenalia,
> whatever, that was at least 15 years old? I want to
> say 20+, but let's make it easy. And not for
> work/profit...for umm, pleasure (?). I for one
> qualify. oi
Not recently, but did so early and often, like a Chicago voter. :-D 

Biggest thing I bought expense wise was a Xerox Star for about $3K. 
Wife still brings it up whenever I complain she wasted money on yet
another pair of brand new shoes.  (She complains that they're not comfy,
I ask her why did she buy uncomfortable shoes, and off we go repeat the
Star discussion.) :-)

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