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Tue Nov 7 23:46:54 CST 2006

> Not so much so that he bid on Chuck's auction.

I don't bid on auctions at all; on the few occasions when I've had
anything to do with auctions, someone else has dealt with the auction
interfacing.  (The reasons I don't ebay are legion; I can go through
them if someone really cares, but since I don't expect any significant
number of people to care, I'd rather do that off-list if at all.  Some
of them apply to other auction "sites" as well.)

> But then again he's probably already got a few stashed away ;)

I might be able to say, if someone would tell me what's under
discussion.  Based on the subject, I'd guess Lisas, in which case no, I
don't think I've ever even used one, much less owned one.

> Talk more and pay less. Vonage can save you up to $300 a year on your
> phone bill.
> Sign up now.

No thanks.  I am not willing to make my phone service dependent on
house mains power, much less my netlink too.

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