Spending $$$ on classic hardware (was Re: lisadraw)

Mark Tapley mtapley at swri.edu
Thu Nov 9 09:37:08 CST 2006

At 22:30 -0600 11/8/06, Ethan wrote:
>$600 for an RL8A in the mid '80s, $400 for a KT24 (to run 2BSD), over
>$1000 for a PDP-8/S, $800 for a SPARC1 in the early 90s...
>Guilty, guilty, guilty.

$800 for a pile of NeXT gear, because it included a NeXTDimension 
card. Still working on restoring, equipping, and distributing the 
slabs, which has cost hundreds more dollars so far.

$800 for a NeXT cube, but at the time that wasn't "classic".

I'm not quite sure how to count the gas, storage space, etc. over the 
years, but that might be substantial.

Still a cheap hobby, compared to many things.
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