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Sat Nov 11 19:13:38 CST 2006

--- Jim Leonard <trixter at> wrote:

> I barely qualify; I spent $440 for an Amiga 4000 Rev
> B. motherboard in 
> perfect working order.  However, the usage was
> mostly for "work" (making 
> a DVD) and not so much "play" (the A500s are for
> that).

 Being large ignorant of the Amiga and it's
capabilities, I'm wondering why you decided on that
for, presumably, an editing job. Was it the expansion
needed that only a 2000 could offer (as opposed to a
500)? Was a toaster in on the trick?
 Again, couldn't a Mac, or some SGI machine have done
the job, or heck even a peecee? I guess it depends on
when you bought this mobo, but $440 could afford alot
in terms of add-on hardware/software, even a possibly
completely different system to do it with.

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