Amigas don't turn on

Chris M chrism3667 at
Sun Nov 12 15:46:18 CST 2006

--- Golan Klinger <gklinger at> wrote:

> Chris M wrote:
> > when their parts are strewn about 3 or more
> states.
> Perhaps it would have been useful to include that
> nuggest of
> information in your original post. 

 Well I was looking to run an emulator. Couldn't that
have been hint enough that a real 'Miga wasn't an

> I took time the
> time to attempt to
> help you and for my trouble I get a snarky response
> suggesting I was
> trying to "hurt" you. Well, I won't risk injuring
> you further with my
> clearly useless responses.

 I didn't say it was useless, just that it left me
flummoxed. Besides, was there sufficient cause to take
all of what I said so seriously...or just that one
part? I think we need to apply the law of averages
here dude. Rock steady ;)

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