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Tue Nov 14 01:16:37 CST 2006

>From: Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk at>
>That's not to say that there's *no* interest of course, so I am surprised 
>that there aren't more reports following a show given that it'd seem 
>natural for a lot of people to want to tell a story of their experiences 

I was there on Saturday. I came mostly to here Woz talk and the
stories about the early Apple's. Woz talked about his choice to
use DRAM over static. He said it was size and cost. Fewer parts
meant less cost. He also mentions that the early code was hand
assembled. He stated that if one looked at the code on would
see the occational jump to insert a patch to the code.
I saw the exhibits as well. There was a smaller turnout this year
then last year for exhibits. Marvin was there selling stuff and I think
one or two others. The fellow from England was there with most
of a Babage Engine. Larry Pazzolo had a Spere( sp? ) system but
has not been able to find much docs.
One fellow had a EC-1 doing the bouncing ball simulation. I don't
think there was as much effort into the over powering exhibit
that took prizes as last year. This could be a good thing. I thought
that most of these tended to be too much on, " look at all
the stuff I have " and not enough on  restoration, preservation
and history.
I'm hoping that maybe in future years, these will get to be more
important than fancy exhibits.
I took pictures but haven't gotten around to up loading to my

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