Need Docs for XT RAM Board...

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at
Wed Nov 15 02:22:02 CST 2006

Tony Duell wrote:

> In any case, you should be more worried about damaging the PCB (for 
> example the through-hole plating) than the chips. 64K DRAMs are not hard 
> to get, after all. In fact, if I wasn't sure of my abilities to desolder 
> the ICs, I'd cut the pins off them and then desolder them one at time 
> from the PCB.

Been there, done that, repaired the resulting mess with blue wire.  Not 

A really hot temperature-controlled iron is the way to go.  Either that 
or as you say, snip the chip and pick the pins out one at a time.

I'm dreading removing the 30-pin thick film module that's wedged tightly 
between other thick-film modules in one of my synthesizers.


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