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 Read it all through folks. It's too rich to pass up.

Q: 	Hallo, my name is Werner and I am interested in
this game. Sorry my english is not so well. I read
everything and I understand, that you only sell it to
someone, if he picks it at at your home in USA? Is it
also possible to send it via mail to me to germay?
Next problem: I would have to pay duty/taxes on it.
Could we agree, that you add a paper to it, that I
bought it for a price like for example 100 Dollar? If
not I would have to pay some additional hundreds of
Euro. Please answer in simple words : - ) Werner
	A: 	You need to pick it up and no I won't send it
through the mail it's too Rare and would get lost!
Sorry, but you need to come here to get it.
	Q: 	I understand that you think this is worth that
much but honestly you will never get that much money.
You are asking way too much. For that much money you
could have a game made up for you. This would sell for
around $10,000 you need to rethink your price and
remember just because there is a limited quantity
doesn't mean that the value is higher. I could make a
one of a kind drawing of my tv but that doesn't make
it worth anything. So what make you think you will get
this much?
	A: 	Come on 10 in the world. Moreover, it made the
top ten lists of the rarest video games for any system
made. I know I probably won't get this much at this
time but the value has just gone way up from the
500.00 when it sold on ebay 3 years ago for the first
time now it sold for more than 3000.00 last time, next
time because of my auction what do you think it will
sell for? This only gets listed haw many times a year?
None! Every 2 years maybe someone who has it sells it
but what will happen when all ten are found and those
collectors won't part with them what will be the price
then? Do you think they will sell them for a lousy 10K
I think not? The next time this gets listed by someone
because of this auction and the awareness of this
auction it will sell for an astonishing amount.
besides I was offered 50K for the item, think thats
good? I don't. The guy offered to put 50K in my paypal
account before I even end the auction. imagine that.
	Q: 	Would you accept a very long honey nut cheerio in
	A: 	Remember that ebay is now monitoring my messages.
can you say violation?
	Q: 	is this ps2 compatable?
	A: 	HUH? Reminds me of something the people on might say. They are funny people like you.
Too bad nobody knows the value of something. O-well!
Sorry won't be answering any more questions on the
item at all!
	Q: 	I have a cool 1.5M in cash sitting here with your
name on it. Deal?
	A: 	No Deal!
	Q: 	Wow. Nice game, but how are the graphix?
	A: 	at least as good as the original Atlantis
	Q: 	Hey, i'm pretty interested in this item, i was
just wondering, can i pay in cash? i dont trust online
	A: 	You would need to make a deposit of at least
250,000 in paypal. the rest will need to be certified
	Q: 	Obviously this is legit as people can see that
you were the submitter 3 years ago here:
	A: 	Yeah! This is true! You know it! I love that site
too! Too bad I forgot my pass to it! It used to be
called fatman games! and wanted to change the errors
in the site but was unable too. I also wanted to note
that somebody has offered me a cool 50K here in the us
for the stuff but I won't let it go for that too much
history behind it! The Value of the game went way up
since I was offered that 5500 back then!
	Q: 	Hey! Would you be willing to go as low as
$1,700,000? Thanks!
	A: 	NO! The Price is set and firm! Sorry Dude no
compromises! I had an offer as low as 5000.00 and as
high as yours no I won't sell it unless my price is
	Q: 	Hi, i find it curious that you state that the
item is stored in a security deposit box, for safe
keeping I assume, but the photo looks like you've
dropped it on your kitchen floor. for something that
you consider that valuable, i think you could have
taken better care of the item and provided better
quality images.
	A: 	Item was placed on a brand new floor and yes it
was removed for the purpose of taking the pictures!
It's now back where it belongs and very well should
be! Placing an item on the floor does not destroy it
as you may think! Besides it's from 1982 and not in
perfect condition anyway, My floors are so clean, I
can eat off my floor can you say the same?
	Q: 	I was also one of the ten finalists. Sadly,
Imagic did not notify me to expect the package and it
was delivered to a neighbor, who gave it to me a week
late. Even worse, I lost or sold my copies over twenty
years ago. At the time I was living in Carlisle PA. I
wonder where in PA you are?
	A: 	It can't be true! UPS delivered it blue label
directly to your home. In-fact they made sure you got
it by a follow up phone call! In fact all ten finalist
received this phone call... Just to make sure you got
it! So what are you saying? You were one of the ten
finalists but never received it until a week later and
Imagic never called you? I'm not going to be taken in
by that story! Sorry!
	Q: 	are you serious??? I have $10 for it.
	A: 	I am going to post this one because it's just so
	Q: 	If indeed as you say - you can't tell the
diffrence between an original and a fake -, and the
original documents can only be authenticated by sight,
do you reimburse for airfare if the prospective buyer
is less than satisfied that it is the original
article? I didn't get my millions by running to all
corners of the globe for a fruitless search. -D.
	A: 	It's real! I was in the contest this was not
picked up somewhere else! and yes I will give you 100%
all money back including any air fair and expenses if
it's not the real thing! You can bet on it!
	Q: 	Is it possible to come play the game BEFORE
purchase is made?
	A: 	If you’re serious sure! But since you want the
game a retainer of 250,000 will be needed! Once you
agree it's the real deal I expect the rest of the
payment for the item! After the rest of the payment is
made then you can take the item away! This will be
fair to both of us!
	Q: 	Hi. How about close-up pictures of the documents
that are already posted on Atariage...I need to see
exactly what I'm thinking of buying. Thanks again!
	A: 	Yep they are there and yes mine are orignal but i
am not going to take new pics and not all docs are
posted on atariage
	Q: 	Oh, one more question, what about the box?
	A: 	Yeah! What about it! It was nothing more than an
Atlantis (ONE) Cartridge box with a sticker on the
cellophane that said Atlantis II if you want a box
make one yourself! I probably have the original box
but I know I riped off the celephane to the box so the
little generic Atlantis II Mailing label to the box is
	Q: 	Hi. Could you perhaps post some Macro/close-up
pictures of the game and all the paperwork?? Thanks!
	A: 	nope! That won't happen since I have documents
that are not posted anywhere on the net! even in the
last Atlantis II auctions they were not posted! So the
buyer is in for a treat!
	Q: 	Sorry, one more question...could you post a
picture of the game in a system being played...or
perhaps a video! Thanks again:)
	A: 	The buyer of this item is welcome to come and
play a game at my home! once we pick up the item from
the bank. so there is no need to do what your asking.
	Q: 	Hello very cool collectable, however...last week
the identical game was being auctioned and it also
included the docs as well. I am very certain that it
was also a real Atlantis II, The first auction went
under 3K and the next time for under a 1K. So with
this other Atlantis II available for Approx. 3K, why
would you think someone would pay your price? Is this
auction more for bragging rights? Just curious
	A: 	That’s a simple question! Here is your answer one
they did not sell they had ungodly reserves on them!
Second nobody knew that only 10 real Atlantis II Carts
existed until now! This is 1/10 made if people want to
accept less than what something is worth then that's
their preference! Not mine! If you can get a real one
so cheap I would buy it!
	Q: 	Hi kingmeanguns,I hope you get your asking price,
but if not would you consider reposting the item with
a reserve price so we could see the bidding action?(I
guess the listing would be expensive,but it would be
exciting!)good luck :-)
	A: 	It cost money to put a reserve price on the
auction! In fact the higher the reserve the more money
it costs just to list the item! I'm not in the
business of loosing money. Sorry it’s my price and
that’s what I will accept for this gem!

Q: 	I know that this is a rare item, but why do you
have it priced so outrageously high?
	A: 	It's my price! 1/10 in the world? I know of items
in auctions that I thought were complete garbage that
went for over a million. this in my opinion has a lot
more value than all those auction items! If you had
one of the worlds greatest treasures would you settle
for less? I think not!
	Q: 	Hi, I'm federico, from Italy. My site is Really compliments for your
Atlantis II and your GREAT acution. I've a question: I
would make a Special Article on my website about your
cart. Could you send me 2 o 3 good pics about the
materials? It will be a great pleasure for me speack
about your story. Many thanks Federico
	A: 	No I can't thats when Original Atlantis II carts
and docs start poping up everywhere! Again there are
only 10 made worldwide! Thats it! 10
	Q: 	I was wondering what you would sell your Cart
for? Thank you, Richard Lecce
	A: 	I wont split it up without the docs the cart is
valueless to me as a company in europe makes
reproduction carts from original atlantis 1 cases and
yes they use mask roms in the case so you can't tell
the diffrence between an original and a fake!

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